Language Learning Club

It's the moment of practicing languages with people from all over the world and guided by experienced teachers.

Boost your speaking skills - Improve your listening comprehension - Connect and interact with others

How does it work?

Are you learning a foreign language? We will help you to improve your speaking skills and your listening comprehension. Book one of our lessons and practice your target language with three other motivated learners under the guidance of an experienced language teacher. Or subscribe to one of our courses if you want to practice regularly. Request a lesson or course on demand if our times don't fit your schedule. Practicing and learning a language with LLC is easy and fun. Come and join us!

Are you in doubt whether learning a language online in a small group can really work?

Did you know that studies have shown that students learn best in small interacting groups with the guidance of a teacher? Why is this so? It’s actually quite easy to understand. Social interaction between students challenges them and at the same time, it gives them the opportunity to practise the language in a more natural context than if they were working 1:1 with a teacher. Students who learn in groups are often more motivated and become more creative. In a group, there are people with different personalities and this variety encourages creativity and diversity of ideas. In a 1:1-setting, lessons are often led by the teacher. Sure, good teachers adapt to their students’ wishes and needs but a hierarchy remains. This is different in groups. Here, the teacher is more a moderator than a leader. Especially for students who are constantly afraid of making mistakes, this is a huge advantage. They will be encouraged by their fellow students’ mistakes and will lose their fear of speaking.

Are you afraid you won't get enough speaking practice when learning in a group?

Perhaps you have already attended a course at an offline language school where you could say just 4 or 5 sentences in a 60-minutes lesson. We know that you want and need to speak your chosen language and therefore, there will never be more than 4 students in our groups. We believe that 4 students is a perfect group size. It is a real group, so discussions and exchange of opinions are possible. You will talk to other people, not just read a sentence from a textbook and fill in a gap. By interacting with people from different cultures, you will learn to understand different accents and improve your listening comprehension dramatically. When you learn in a 1:1-setting, the teacher will always adapt his or her speed and use of vocabulary to the student’s level. Other learners won’t do this, so small groups sessions are much more challenging and as a result you will have less problems when using the language in real life.